Chaos in the City

Champagne Taste on a PBR Budget

Researchers have found that distraction is the antagonist of attention, not its opposite. It’s an interesting distinction. Distraction is the devil in your ear — not always the result of an attention deficit, but borne of our own desires. We are distracted because we want to be.

—This altogether pause-giving New York Times piece about what actually happens when we text and drive offers a poignant reminder that “attention is an intentional, unapologetic discriminator [which] asks what is relevant right now, and gears us up to notice only that.”  (via explore-blog)

Pay attention to this real life

It’s looooove baby don’t hurt me@

It’s looooove baby don’t hurt me@

Tall cans and a case of the blues

Tall cans and a case of the blues

Music is at once the most wonderful, the most alive of all the arts— it is the most abstract, the most perfect, the most pure— and the most sensual.

Good Morning SF

Low lying fog all over the Sunset district but the promise of sun drift above the marine layer. When the roll and sweep of the layer drift past one another the citizens below know what lies ahead. Hope for another perfect Indian Summer evening. The biggest reason we refer to the district as the Sunset is the crazy orange and pink clouds that harass the promise of fall back until November. 

The Other 98% rallied a reported 1000 participants to stand with their message “Dump Citizens United”

Photographer John Montgomery was hired to document the assembly.